Macuco Safari

The national Iguassu Park has a lot of touristic attractions to be visited and Macuco Safari’s Boat is one of them. After passing through the guests Center of Macuco and receive some tour hints, the tourist up in a electrical car that makes a trail of 3 KM (About 1,8 miles), enjoying all the nature and animals inside the park.


Tourists receive instructions, plastic covers, life jacket and go in a twin engine inflatable boat where will live the most wonderful experience of adventure in Iguassu.

Ciudad Del Este (Paraguay)

Walk through galleries, shops, hawker stalls and street vendors . The deal is to bargain and compare prices of the same product in several different stores. From thousands of stores, there are many specialized in an industry such as electronics, perfume, games, clothing.  It is worth remembering that the international purchasing quota exempt from taxes is $ 300 per person and is not cumulative .  The baggage declaration is made in Brazilian customs, where the IRS is the supervisory cars and pedestrians returning from the neighboring country.

Cassino Iguazú

Casino iguazu is one of the most important incasinos latin america, a remarkably comfortable venue that hosts succesful poker tornauments. its main hall has 21 tables featuring 10 roullete tables, 3 caribbean stud poker tables, 3 black jack tables, among other gambling games, in addition to vip rooms with concierge and total privacy.  casino iguazu also offers various options such as delicious  food tasting accompanied by the best wines, tango shows, and much more.

Iguassu Falls

Located between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguassu falls were elected one of the seven natural Wonders of the world by New Seven Wonders Foundation in 2011. The natural paradise is composed by 275 waterfalls, 80% stay on the Argentinean side and the most impressive is known as Devil's throat.

Itaipu Dam

Iguassu has the biggest hydropower plant in energy generation of the planet: Binational Itaipu. The touristic attractive includes a special route, panoramic view, institutional visit, guests Center, dam lighting, biological refuge, ecomuseum, Piracema’s Channel and Astronomical Pole. 

Bird Park

The Bird Park possesses over 900 birds and 132 species, forming an odd assortment of images, sounds and colors. Animals coming from all of the continents, exotics, It mix themselves with the species that habitates in Brazil. In 2 hours, the tourist walks by nurseries disposed during the trail located in the middle of the subtropical rain Forest.

An unforgettable tour!


The city of Puerto Iguazu gives highlights the leather, wool, cosmetics, crystals, and spices such as garlic, onions, olives, and even salami and cheeses of all kinds. One of the cars heads of the country and the production of excellent wines winning the shelves and the cellars of tourists that pass through the city center in search of curiosities. And for those who do not want to go through Argentina Customs nor pay taxes of the products purchased, you can buy your Duty Free Shop Puerto Iguazu, which is located next to the Customs Argentina.

Three borders landmark

Located on the confluence of the Rivers Iguaçu and Paraná, you will see the obelisk with the national colors of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. There you can buy typical products of the province and also observe Tancredo Neves bridge, that connects Argentina and Brazil.

Steak House Rafain

The steak house Rafain is one of the most traditional in Iguassu. They offer a unique folkloric show with dances and music’s from 6 South American countries. There is also Iporã show, presenting the legend of the falls in a very creative way. 

Dreamland Wax Museum

The Dreamland Wax Museum is largest of its kind in the country, has a collection of more than 70 life-size statues scattered in 16 different scenarios. Among those portrayed are the popes John Paul II and Francisco, Spiderman, Madonna, Charlie Chaplin, Neymar Jr., Jack Sparrow, and other characters.The Wax Museum is one of the newest attractions in Foz do Iguaçu, along with the Valley of the Dinosaurs and the World Wonders of which are part of the Dreamland.